Thomas Altman and Dray McFarlane of Tasio Featured on Mary Byers Successful Associations Podcast

March 26, 2021
Thomas Altman and Dray McFarlane of Tasio Featured on Mary Byers Successful Associations Podcast

On January 27th, Thomas Altman and Dray McFarlane, co-founders of Tasio, were featured on the Mary Byers Successful Associations Today podcast. Their topic was “How AI Can Increase Membership,” and included some great information about how associations can use the same technology that Netflix and Google use to better understand their membership and predict behavior. 

“We don’t actually have to create anything new,” said Dray, speaking of how Tasio gathers data and predicts member behavior. “We’re surrounded by this technology. When you get suggested movies on Netflix or targeted ads on Facebook. We’re just taking that [technology] and predicting who will renew or not by applying those exact tools to associations.”

One of the things that Mary spent some time on was the fact that Thomas and Dray have used their data science knowledge and association background to bring the power of AI-driven data analysis to a group that has never really explored it before. Specifically, the team explained how associations can be leveraging this technology for applications like: 

  • Identifying members who are likely to leave
  • Earmarking behaviors that trigger renewal or non-renewal
  • Developing courses or marketing campaigns that are likely to increase membership

A key takeaway from the discussion was that, while associations benefit from Tasio’s brand of predictive analytics and member retention strategies, the members themselves benefit as well. With better, more individualized data, associations are primed to offer better services, have more targeted marketing, and make changes to increase the value to their members. 

“This is a really powerful tool, I believe, for associations going forward,” Mary said, as the discussion wrapped up. “Thank you for making this so approachable. I’m not in a membership department, but you’re making me wish I was.” 

Hear the entire Successful Associations podcast here. Or, learn more about what Tasio does by contacting us.


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