Grow your membership through data insight.

Advanced data discovery for the highest member retention.
From increasing your marketing impact to offering better educational courses, Tasio data insights give you the power to predict the future.
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This crystal ball belongs to you.

No matter how long your association has been around, it’s likely that you have never tapped the real magic of your data.
Your data holds secrets about:
who your members are
why they do what they do
exactly which actions they take—or don’t take—before they decide to renew their membership

Impact of Tasio on Member Retention and Engagement

Member Retention Assessment

We use the data you already have to predict the likelihood a member will renew and why based on behavioral indicators.
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Member Satisfaction Analysis

Learn how your members really feel about your association with our in-depth satisfaction survey.
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Member Lifetime Value

With this service you can understand exactly how much revenue a member will generate over the course of their tenure with your organization.
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Member Acquisition

Want more millennials? Define the type of members that you want to bring into your association and the kinds of engagement opportunities you need to develop
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The Value of Your Data

At Tasio, we explore your data on a microscopic level to identify the trends and potential that are hiding in plain sight. Then, we provide you an AI-driven model that allows you to gaze into your crystal ball and create better marketing, better education, and a better plan for retaining and acquiring members.
Is My Data Good Enough?