Association Retention Playbook

The 5-Step DIY Membership Retention Strategy and Workbook

It's hard to see good members fall by the wayside. But what's even worse is knowing that you have the data at your fingertips to retain them, but don't know how to use it effectively. 

In this ebook, workbook, and through our series of tutorial videos, you'll learn how to use predictions based on data to identify the key behaviors that your members show before they leave, giving you insight into how to better engage and motivate them to stay connected to your associtaion.

This 27-page ebook and Excel spreadsheet teach you how to:

Identify engaged (and burned out) members of your organization
Decide which incentives and programs are working or need updating
Calculate the lifetime value of each member
Predict with high accuracy who is going to non-renew in 2020-2021
Develop a strategy for saving the most membership dollars with the fewest marketing dollars

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thomas image
Thomas Altman
Co-Founder, Tasio
Thomas Altman is a data management specialist with a focus on bringing cutting-edge AI and machine learning to the association space.

dray image
Dray McFarlane
Co-Founder, Tasio
With a decade of experience managing associations’ needs through technology, Dray McFarlane helped found Tasio to create new options for them to be more competitive—even in difficult times.

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