Boost Member Engagement and Retention with AI.

Turn your data into actionable strategies that help your members get the most out of your organization.

 Unlock the Potential of Your Data

Our predictive models use the data you already have to help your organization understand its members on a deeper level, know the best strategies to increase engagement, and cultivate a longer member lifetime.


Identify the deep patterns in your data that drive member success, and use those patterns to take action.


One size fits one! Tailor your member engagement approach to every individual member in your organization. 


Know which members are likely to leave, why they are leaving, and what actions you need to do today to keep them.

Understand What Your Members Really Want

Identify deep patterns in your data to uncover hidden insights about how your members engage with your organization.

Meet Member Engagement’s New Best Friend: Machine Learning.

Cutting edge machine learning technology helps you create effective and low cost member engagement strategies.

More Renewals. Less Work.

Use Artificial Intelligence to identify which members are most at risk of not renewing, and which strategies are most likely to keep them.

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