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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Tasio help my association?

Tasio works with associations to gather data, analyze it, and use predictions to improve member relations, operations, and strategic execution. Our predictive data models can help you provide better education, use marketing dollars more effectively, and create more accurate, actionable plans for future growth.

What kinds of specific projects does Tasio specialize in?

We have a number of projects that we do for associations. To see the full list, visit our services page.

How large does an association need to be to benefit from predictive analytics?

Although any size of association can use data to make predictions, we find that associations with at least 1000 members are best situated to gather insight from their data and use it to develop a predictive model

How do I know if my data is good enough to create a predictive model?

We talk with leaders every day who are dealing with data issues. We have developed a webinar that explains the elements of good data, how much you need, and the best ways to gather it for creating accurate conclusions about member behavior.