Who We Are

At Tasio we don’t just predict the future, we help you change it! Tasio takes your existing membership data and uses cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques to uncover deep patterns in member behavior. Our platform helps you understand what members are likely to do next in their journey, and gives you the tools to help them get the most out of their membership.

By combining state of the art AI with an intuitive and user friendly interface, we help you put your data to work. With our predictive modeling you can identify members at risk of not renewing and know which actions will convince them to stay. You can increase e-commerce sales by predicting product purchases and cross-sell opportunities. You can individualize your member outreach by charting member journey paths and behavior-based member personas. And do much more!

Dray McFarlane Co-Founder

After an education focused on technology and economics, I’ve spent over a decade providing Associations with technology solutions. In that time I’ve loved getting to dive deeply into the goals and challenges of a group driven by passion to support their missions in the best ways possible. Immersing myself in their needs and getting an understanding of their business has been a constantly evolving and incredibly rewarding experience. Founding Tasio gives me the opportunity to continue on this path, applying all the knowledge and expertise I’ve gained about Associations in new and interesting ways.

Thomas Altman Co-Founder

I started working with Associations after getting a graduate degree in applied data modeling techniques. My focus was on using those techniques to solve business problems. One of the first things I noticed when working with Associations is that, while Associations do a great job of collecting data, hardly anyone is really putting that data to use. I’ve seen too many associations needlessly fall behind in delivering on their mission because they didn’t have the right data analytic tools. I founded Tasio to change that. It’s my goal to bring advanced data science techniques to Associations, so that they can be far more successful delivering value to their members.

A Member of the Blue Cypress Family

Tasio is a proud member of the Blue Cypress family of businesses. Along with rasa.io, PropFuel, and Matchbox Virtual Media, Tasio strives to help purpose-driven organizations achieve sustainable long term growth, thereby significantly advancing their missions.