Changing the future of associations through data discovery

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Our mission: Putting your data to work.

At Tasio we don’t just predict the future, we help you change it.

All about the individual

Where a data analytics company might give you a big-picture perspective on how much traffic is going to your website or which ads are getting the most clicks, our job is to give you microscopic detail about each member, helping you to personally connect and develop ways to engage the individual.
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Personalized service

Each association we work with has a different landscape of people, processes, and information. Every solution, report, and recommendation we provide is uniquely tailored to you. This gives you the edge you need to create a data-based strategy for growth that is never cookie-cutter, but fits snugly to your members.

Innovative, disruptive technology

What we do is old-fashioned—helping people connect better for less money. Still, we use the most cutting-edge technology and resources to get that job done. Through machine learning and AI-driven predictive modeling, we can look inside your data and make predictions that can help you achieve your quarterly, yearly, and long-term goals.
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The Tasio Founders

Dray McFarlane

Having nearly two decades providing associations with business and technology services, Dray has always been inspired by the people he worked with and their passion-driven support of each organization's mission. At Tasio, he combines the deep understanding he gained of associations along with his expertise in technology to drive solutions leveraging the latest in Artificial Intelligence.
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Thomas Altman

I started working with Associations after getting a graduate degree in applied data modeling techniques. My focus was on using those techniques to solve business problems. One of the first things I noticed when working with Associations is that, while Associations do a great job of collecting data, hardly anyone is really putting that data to use. I’ve seen too many associations needlessly fall behind in delivering on their mission because they didn’t have the right data analytic tools. I founded Tasio to change that. It’s my goal to bring advanced data science techniques to Associations, so that they can be far more successful delivering value to their members.