Is My Data Good Enough? Webinar

Get better data for better member engagement

When we’re talking to people about using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to help them predict what their members want, what they will do, and why we universally get some form of these questions:
Is my data good enough?
Our data is a mess, can you work with it?
We have duplicate member entries from various system migrations. Can it be organized?
The answer isn’t the same for everyone, but one this is true for everyone we talk to: your data is good enough if you know a few simple secrets about how to manage it.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to:

Identify good information and develop practices to gather great information moving forward.
Explain how Tasio helps associations use that good data to make accurate predictions.
Give you action-steps to leverage information for better member engagement and retention.

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thomas image
Thomas Altman
Co-Founder, Tasio
Thomas Altman is a data management specialist with a focus on bringing cutting-edge AI and machine learning to the association space.

dray image
Dray McFarlane
Co-Founder, Tasio
With a decade of experience managing associations’ needs through technology, Dray McFarlane helped found Tasio to create new options for them to be more competitive—even in difficult times.

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