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Video Walkthroughs

Understanding the Predictive Analytics Workbook

Why did we create the workbook the way we did? Here is the science behind the setup and what you need to know to best use it in creating predictions about your members.

Adding New Columns and Tabs to Your Workbook

Depending on the size and number of metrics your association creates, you may need to add tabs so that you can use the workbook effectively. Here’s how.

Setting Up and Analyzing Member Cohorts

By setting up members into specific groups, or cohorts, you can see which segments of your membership are most likely to leave based on their behavior.

Comparing and Ranking Cohort Charts

Which metrics are predictive of member loss and which ones are not? Watch a Data Specialist determine how to decide which metrics are the most actionable.

Calculating the Lifetime Value of Membership

Members are worth more than money, but this is a great calculation for determining the income a member represents over the course of their membership in your association.