The Complete Guide to Working with Tasio

Find out how we translate your member data into personalized action plans to improve your association’s performance and ROI, year after year.

Whether you want to grow your membership, event attendance, donations, or another business outcome, we take guesswork out of the equation. Tasio gives you a data-driven roadmap to change individual behaviors in order to achieve your desired results.

Through predictive modeling and AI-powered decision-making, we use the information you already have to:

  • Identify which members, donors, or attendees to target.
  • Develop targeted outreach plans to reach your organizational goal.
  • Reduce costs, save time, and improve conversion rates.

This guide explains everything associations and nonprofits should know about working with Tasio. Get details on what to expect and how we unseal the secrets of your data to improve your ROI and solve the challenges your organization faces day in and day out.

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Thomas Altman
Co-Founder, Tasio
Thomas Altman is a data management specialist with a focus on bringing cutting-edge AI and machine learning to the association space.

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Dray McFarlane
Co-Founder, Tasio
With a decade of experience managing associations’ needs through technology, Dray McFarlane helped found Tasio to create new options for them to be more competitive—even in difficult times.

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