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What is your time worth?

Customized, in-depth data solutions for associations can cost over $10,000, with the more targeted, detailed packages costing even more.

Not only that, but it could take weeks or even months to gather the data, analyze it, and develop a strategy of action plans that will increase member retention.

Implementing a data-driven member retention strategy will cost time unless you outsource it to Tasio.

For a limited time, Tasio is offering a special in-depth data audit — but only for association leaders like yourself who have already downloaded and reviewed the Association Retention Playbook—a discount of over 90%.

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A Smarter Way to Increase Renewals

1-hour Consultation

Your organization is unique and so is it's data. We start every assessment with and hour-long consultation so we can learn your particular association's needs and goals.

Renewal Likelihood Score

Imagine you knew which of your members were likely to leave months before they were up for renewal. We give you exactly that, a list of all members scored with the likelihood they won’t renew.

Key Renewal Indicators

Knowing who is going to leave is powerful. Knowing WHY they are going to leave is a super power. For every member up for renewal, you will know why that member is likely to renew or leave.

Renewal Dashboard

Check the effectiveness of your member retention strategies at a glance so you can know where to invest your efforts. We give you a snapshot of where your organization is thriving and hotspots that need attention.

Cohort Analysis

Develop personalized member retention campaigns. For each Key Retention Indicator, we find all the low scoring members which will allow you to reach out and get them back on the path to renewal.

Customized Action Plan

Data without action is just noise. We translate your analytics into actions. You will have a vivid set of actionable next steps so that you can use your data to increase member retention.

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NOTE: Due to the popularity of this program, we are accepting applications for this low-cost program at a rate of one per association. Please fill out the application form and we will add your organization to our waiting list. We will contact you directly by your medium of choice when a Data Specialist is available. Thank you!