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Using your data to help others

One of the goals of Tasio is to hone our AI-driven data processes to provide better insights to our clients.
In the Early Partner Program, you will become a collaborator with Tasio to help us optimize our processes and provide the highest level of information analysis. In exchange for allowing us to develop models around your member data, you receive:

50% off

the standard price

100% money-back guarantee of results

Our complete

6-step process

This is a limited time offer. Space is limited to the first 5 organizations which meet the standard requirements.

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How Tasio Works

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Business Discovery

Your needs drive our conversation. From the moment we pick up the phone, we are learning what your association does, what it needs, and what your membership goals are.
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Data Discovery

The Tasio team of data explorers gathers the best information to guide the membership discussion— AMS, email marketing, non-dues purchases, continuing education, event attendance, and more.
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Model Validation

The model undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that the insights we’re gleaning from your data are correct and actionable.
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Model Prediction

One the model has been vetted, we use it like a crystal ball, allowing you to know what is most likely to occur in the next year when it comes to member retention and loss.
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Model Delivery

You receive a customized report on the specific behaviors that members take before quitting your association as well as the shared attributes of those who stay.
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Strategy Session

Our team consults with you on the best way to use your information, whether it’s for slimming down marketing spend, finding new education offerings, or developing targeted activation campaigns.

Early Partner Program Requirements

The Early Partner Program is a limited offer for only a select number of associations that meet the following criteria:
Membership organization, preferably an association
Lifetime of organization 5 years or more
Aggressive data collection methodology (Google Analytics, membership loss numbers, website traffic and/or social traffic tracking)
Revenue of $5M or more annually
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